Winter BivySak 2016

Introducing our Winter 2016 BivySak!

BivySak Winter Box Review




Yeti Custom 10z Rambler

With half of the BivySak team living in Austin, TX, we are huge YETI fans. Our experience with the YETI Custom Shop was spectacular. They worked with us to make our large custom order with quality and efficiency. Each tumbler features our brand new BivySak logo lazer etched into the side and is perfect for hot cocoa or coffee during the winter season. Tag #bivysak and #yeti to an instagram pic of the tumbler in action and you will be entered to win more YETI gear.

12 Survivors Survival Para-chord Band

The 12 Survivors Para-chord Band contains 17 essential pieces of gear which can be used to provide fire, shelter, or food. This trendy little Para-chord is the perfect gift for all explorers.

CHAPUL Meal Bars X2

Don’t let these cricket containing outdoor meal bars creepy you out. As we found out from ABC News in 2012, the average hershey bar contains 8 insect pieces. With CHAPUL, we know exactly what we are getting and we can promise you, they are delicious, healthy, and sustainable. Take a deep breath and give these Chaco & Aztec flavors a try!


Light your night with LUNARBANDS! These fancy little LED bands work as great pack lights for hiking. They last over 100 hours and contain 2 replaceable watch batteries. We use ours to light maps, trails, and tents during camping trips.

Akinz Ahab Beanie or Colorado Knit

The Bivy team enjoys supporting our Rocky Mountain roots every chance we get, so we were very happy to find this Fort Collins, CO based company for our winter box. Introducing the Handmade Colorado Knit Beanie from Akinz. Thank you for keeping Colorado cool and our noggins warm.

If you have ideas for a future boxes, send us a message! We are dedicated to customer feedback to help us to continue to improve and to lock down the best partnerships available. Happy Exploring!