Classic. Everyone loves a good old PB&B, right? When I finally found a super quick way to make these, they became a daily snack. It’s simple, but genius. For starters, you’ll need all of the things that you already know you’ll need. Bread. Banana. Peanut Butter. Honey optional, but recommended.

So you wake up just like it’s any other day. Only the time changed and you’re an hour late for an important business meeting. You’ve no time. What do you do?

Grab a bread.

Bread. It’s a no brainer. The foundation for almost every single PB&B. Solid choice.

Insert Peanut Butter.

Spread however much you want, using whatever you want. Knives work well.

Now. You look at the clock and there’s just no time to slice that damn banana. You’re going to have to throw away a perfectly good piece of bread. And the peanut butter? No way. In a rush of thrilling disobedience, you:

BREAK the Banana in half

Yeah. Hot dog style. That’s the secret. Just make it like a hot dog.

Optional: Apply Honey.