Our second day at Caprock Canyon, we woke up with some unfinished business to take care of. We got out and I had a solid breakfast of grits and pancakes. One topped with grits, and then another with peanut butter and honey before we set out to a different part of the canyon.

Stomachs full, we hit the dirt. First we climbed around on the lower ridges, where winds were gusting up to 50mph! Pretty wild.

About halfway up the canyon wall, we stopped for a water break and a couple of pictures.

Finally, we reached the top of the wall and saw the incredible view of the valleys below. We took a long break to rest and enjoy the scenery before moving on. Sadly, all that lied ahead of us were miles of brush, very few good or interesting views. Eventually we gave up on moving further forward, turned back and drug our feet back to Gloria with a few sweet photos from the peak.

Mission accomplished, we continue west.