Still being in Texas, and seeing a State Park sign reminded me that I have a Texas State Parks Pass, which gives me some sweet discounts at parks and makes for a good place to park for the night. That’s how we came across Caprock Canyon. We arrived pretty late in the afternoon, so we hurried off to explore the canyons. I took a bag with a water jug, cloth bowl for Shadow, a folding shovel, and the jambox.

The view right from where we’d parked was promising. A really refreshing change in geology. Heading into the canyons we found a creek bed to follow, and stopped for some water.

The creek bed eventually ran into A CREEK which lead to the first big cliff. Unfortunately there was nowhere here for Shadow to climb up, so on we walked.

Once we did find a place to climb, the sun started to set. We got about halfway up the canyon wall before I made the executive decision to start hiking back. To get to where we were had taken over two hours, so I was already prepared to be struck by nightfall before we reached Gloria.

Once at ground level, we ran back with just enough time to enjoy some music and food.