Hello again! It’s been an extremely busy couple of months and I’m happy to finally have a little bit of time to post here again. I’ll be using some different formats from this post forward. Those such as this one will showcase photos with little if any background story. This is mostly because the background story gets really repetitive: “We went hiking.”

Of course, I’ll be the first one to tell you that no two adventures are the same, but I’ve decided to make it this way in order to make room for some exciting new content and make it easier for me to update more often. More on that later.

These are some photos from a backpacking trip with my old friend Chad along with some new ones: David, Dylan, and Austin. Over two days we hiked and climbed through several miles of the Desolation Wilderness, south of Lake Tahoe.

Never have I seen so much beauty in such a concentration, and the hike was longer than any of which Shadow and I had taken before. It was a really incredible trip and I can’t thank these guys enough for having us as a part of it.

I hope you enjoy these photos and everything else that’s soon to come!